Friday, March 24, 2006

Why We Love Richard Perle

Richard Perle truly is one of a kind, as can be seen by this TV appearance on Abu Dhabi TV.

George Galloway: So nobody serious, outside the lunatic asylum of Richard Perle’s circle, any longer believes that the invasion of an Arab Muslim country by hundreds of thousands of Crusading soldiers has done anything to make the world a more peaceful place.


Richard Perle: Let me just say, having listened to George Galloway, that I am not going to insult the intelligence or waste the time of an audience that has tuned to this channel in the hope that they will hear an interesting discussion, by responding to his ad hominem and scurrilous personal attacks. This is what he’s good at. It’s a talent from the gutter, and I’m not going to engage in this.

George Galloway: Show us the shekels.

Richard Perle: I’m not going to engage in it.

George Galloway: Show us the shekels, Richard.

Richard Perle: Needless to say... what he’s had to say deserves no serious comment, and so I’m not going to make any comment about his personal attacks.

But I do find ironic his comment on the absence of democracy in the Muslim world, when the only Arab country to have voted in a free election in living memory is the Iraq that was liberated by the United States, the United Kingdom, and a number of other countries acting in this coalition.

This strikes me as one of the most clear and obvious examples of the moral universes separating a vile, hesperophobic hate-monger from an optimistic, forward-looking giant.


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