Friday, February 03, 2006

Can You Tell Me Where My Country Lies?

It lies with me.

A bit more on this country, courtesy of Eric Cohen:

We are a nation of inventors, believing that the imagined possibility will become real in only a matter of time. We are a nation of idealists, believing that good will triumph over evil, and that the oppressed of other nations deserve the same liberties as we do. And our idea of the free society is the progress-seeking society--the society of math and science education and nanotechnology and sufficient wealth for all families to live private lives of dignity.

This is more than just beautiful, it is downright memorable. And there's more:

Virtue, not technology, is the real key to American victory and American greatness. And the problem of living virtuously in the high-tech age--as warriors against terror, as caregivers for the old, as inventors of new medicines--is the problem that looms largest in the days ahead.

May God Bless America.


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