Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Conspiracies galore

The New York Sun has a marvelous compilation of this year's best Arab conspiracy theories, proving once again, in the great Bernard Lewis' words, that

The kind of imagination that can turn [Abraham Lincoln's assassin] John Wilkes Booth into a Jew and make him a Zionist agent twenty years before the first beginnings of the Zionist movement obviously has no limits.

My favorite conspiracy theory only barely makes the Top Ten:

An Iraqi Shiite imam,Jalal Al-Din Al-Saghir, gave a sermon on December 16 that was broadcast on Al-Furat TV. He called Al-Jazeera “a TV channel known to be guided by the Mossad and … whose purpose is to damage … Islamic interests.”

Read it all. And weep.

(Hat Tip: GBT)


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