Saturday, December 03, 2005

The so-called United so-called Nations

Bret Stephens is one of the brightest stars in the pro-Western journalistic sky. His piece - in today's Wall Street Journal - yes, times change, and there is a Saturday issue - is as well-written and as clear an indictment of this disgusting and terrifying organization as any.

Of course there's always room for hope, and as reform proposals go, Mr. Volcker's are certainly sensible. But as Mr. Annan himself noted, his real service lies in having shone a lantern into what had hitherto been the U.N.'s most unsightly corners. Critics may charge that the light did not illuminate everything. For most of us, it illuminated enough. "Tall Paul" Volcker has been a lighthouse in a storm.

Could someone please remind me why we have to tolerate this freedom-hating circus in New York? Couldn't it be moved to Paris, Brussels, or Tehran?


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